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GMF Clinique Medical Elna Décarie

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6900 boul. Décarie suite M160.
Montreal QC H3X 2Z1

At Elna clinics, our mission is to provide consistently high quality, timely, compassionate, and comprehensive multi-specialty medical services, using the most advanced technologies while offering exceptional service that has a unique patient-centered approach. Our physicians strive for excellence which is why we constantly measure our quality of care. In doing so, we are able to bring the abilities of our highly skilled medical professionals to light. Elna Clinics encourage our physicians to consistently innovate in order to provide our patients with the most cutting-edge care available. We serve each and every one of our patients in a courteous, respectful, and dignified manner. Elna clinics are committed to maintaining the highest level of ethics and integrity while striving to be the best at what we do.


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