Walk-in to Your Super Clinic


With the longest emergency-room wait times in the western world, Quebec has been actively trying to solve the issue of access to healthcare. In order to accomplish this, the government has put policies in place that intend to improve access to front-line medical services by opening 50 super-clinics across the province. Now you might be asking, “how can these walk-in super-clinics improve access to healthcare?”

The idea is that by mandating super-clinics to offer more services that include a variety of healthcare professionals, patients will be lured away from presenting to the emergency room. Additionally, super-clinics must remain open at least 12 hours a day, 7 days a week, and offer at least 80% of their services to patients who either do not have family doctor, or who’s doctor is not a part of the respective clinic.


In order to maintain status as a super-clinic, the clinic also needs to:

  • offer same day appointments up until 3 hours before closing
  • offer blood tests and other diagnostics on site
  • have an agreement with a diagnostic-imaging centre (close by, or on-site)
  • offer a minimum of 20,000 appointments annually


What this means, is that if you are a holder of a RAMQ card, you can now be seen as a walk-in patient at any of the super-clinics across the province. However, this doesn’t mean that when you present to the clinic you will be seen immediately or even that same day. Because of this, TapMedical is committed to improving the patient experience by allowing you to make an appointments at walk-in clinics so that you know exactly when a doctor will be available to see you.


Here’s a link to a list of all the super-clinics in Quebec, have a look to find out which is closest to you:


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