No Shows in Quebec

no shows

When a patient bails on their medical appointment, it can be very costly for a medical practice. In hospitals, this problem is even more pronounced. With no-show rates in Canada averaging between 10-25% for clinics and hospitals, last minute cancellations and no shows are a contributing factor to the long time it takes to see a doctor. In order to prevent this, many clinics have been forced to adopt unfriendly policies like double bookings (leading to longer wait times if both patients show up) and cancellation fees. However, by putting ourselves in the patient’s shoes, we at Tap Medical have been working hard to devise a solution that addresses some of these issues. Here is a list of some of the reasons patients don’t show up to their appointments, and what Tap is doing to fix it.

  1. They cant get through on the phone


Patients know how long the hold times can be when calling a clinic to book an appointment and can then become discouraged from calling to cancel. However, the clinics that have been using our software solution know that by offering online booking, their secretaries and administrators no longer have to deal with their previously high call volumes, and are now free to answer the phone for patients who would like to cancel or modify their appointments.


  1. They forgot about their appointment


With many medical appointments being scheduled weeks or months in advance, it can be easy to forget about your appointment. However, if your appointment was booked through Tap, you can expect automated reminders to ensure you wont forget. Additionally, all of our reminders are active, meaning if it turns out that you wont be able to make it, you will be able to modify or cancel directly from the phone, email, or text message reminder we send you.


  1. They think no shows isn’t a big deal


When a patient doesn’t show up for their consultation, their ‘no shows’ doesn’t just effect the clinic’s business but it also prevents another patient from being able to see their doctor sooner. To address this, Tap Medical enforces our partner clinics’ respective cancellation policies in order to educate patients of the harm they can cause to other people in need of medical attention.


  1. They don’t know other patients would’ve taken their appointment


When booking you appointment with Tap Medical, you will always be given the option to add yourself to your clinics cancellation wait list. This means that if a patient scheduled to be seen ahead of you cancels, you will be notified that you can now be seen sooner. For clinics, this tool offers you the ability to automatically fill the gaps created in your schedule from cancellations.


  1. They get lost or stuck in traffic


With the Canadian winter finally here, driving conditions can be harsh and finding a lift isn’t easy. However, when using our mobile application to book you appointment, not only will you be able to directly add the appointment directly to your smartphone’s calendar, but you will be able to launch your GPS application, or ride sharing service directly from our app. This will ensure that you have the correct address, and that you arrive exactly on time.


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