Macular Degeneration


Preserve Your Vision; Protect Your Macula

Age-related macular degeneration (ARMD) is a complicated word used by doctors to describe the leading cause of vision loss in Canada and the U.S. What they are referring to is one of the natural aging processes of a part of your eye called the ‘macula’ which is responsible for interpreting the light signals from objects directly in the middle of your field of view. Continue reading


Deep inside of your ear exists a lesser known organ, named the cochlea. This organ was named after the latin word for ‘snail shell’ due to their similarly spiralling appearance. The cochlea plays a vital role in transforming noise vibrations from our environment into a signal that can then be interpreted by our brains as sound. The cochlea is able to do this by using unique cells contained within it known as “hair-cells”. These ‘hair cells’ are named for their unique appearance and they vary amongst themselves with regards to the frequency at which they respond. Continue reading

Tennis Elbow

With Montreal’s Rogers Cup in full swing; Now might be a good time to speak about Tennis Elbow – AKA “Lateral Epicondylitis”. Repetitive motions, like gripping and swinging a racket, can strain your arm muscles, and place too much stress on your tendons leading to microscopic tears in the tissue. Continue reading