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We are simplifying healthcare access and allowing you to get the care you need, when you need it.

Tap medical for Members

Get world-class health care access right from your phone. Our services and technology make healthcare what it should be; personalized, quick and hassle-free. How can we help? Access Tap medical anytime via our mobile application or secure web-based online booking and get:

Urgent visit

Urgent visit

Get an appointment with a physician within 24 hours using our urgent care services. Search for a walk-in appointment at your local clinic, your clinic’s affiliated network or our entire network using the Tap medical mobile app. You won’t believe the difference this simple change will make in your life.

Family Doctor

Family Doctor Visit

Having trouble finding a doctor to see you for your annual exam? Request a routine family doctor visit using our app and get preventative care that keeps you and your family happy and healthy.


Consult a Specialist

Having trouble finding a specialist? Let us take care of that for you. Use our mobile app to search for leading specialists across our network of affiliated clinics and hospitals. Get specialized care without the endless waiting and missed opportunities.

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